"Photographs are the nearest thing in life to a pause button!"

Rescue your precious family photos!

Digital restoration services from Joanna's Digital Images

Restoring your memories, preserving the past.

"A Life without a Captured Memory is Void of the Past"

For over 150 years, we have used photography to capture our memories and special moments. Those old photographs have been preserved in albums, shoe boxes and attics. They mean a lot to us-they are our history. Here at Joanna's Digital Images, we want to help you hold on to the memories. Your photos are scanned and digitally restored, while leaving the original untouched. With the magic of Photoshop and other software programs, tears and creases can be repaired, color restored (or added) and missing pieces re-created. We can even remove people from your photos, like your ex-spouse, obnoxious cousin or the boyfriend you'd rather forget! Call for a quote and more information.


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About Joanna

Joanna Carlberg is a portrait photographer based in Southeast Wisconsin.  She has a passion for helping families record new memories as well as hold on to the old ones.

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."          (Dorothea Lang)

About Joanna's Digital Images

A photographer since childhood, Joanna knows the value of old pictures.  Let Joanna's Digital Images help you preserve your family history by digitally restoring your damaged photos!


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